About The Will Shoppe

Bruce Roberts

The Will Shoppe is an estate planning service designed to offer, through the Internet, convenient and affordable services tailored to individual needs and desires by experienced attorneys.

The Will Shoppe is not meant to be a substitute for various “form book” or “do-it-yourself” programs which are offered to the public. Rather than simply “filling in the blanks”, The Will Shoppe offers plans which allow for a variety of planning choices not available through other estate planning providers.

The plans offered by The Will Shoppe are not designed to reduce or minimize death or any other kinds of taxes. They, instead, are designed to manage and utilize property for family members and other beneficiaries.

If you believe, after reading the materials on our Web site and any other information available to you, that your assets are such that death taxes could be a concern, these plans may not be suitable for you and you should first discuss the matter with a tax or estate planning professional.

Services are provided by attorney Bruce Roberts and his associates. Currently, The Will Shoppe offers services only to Illinois residents.