Plan Offerings

Your first step in estate planning should be to assemble personal information and identify your planning objectives. Planning should always be tailored to everyone’s special “mix” of circumstances, needs and objectives. You should also make a determination, whether you need to be concerned about federal or state death taxes. The plans offered by The Will Shoppe are not designed to reduce or minimize death or any other kinds of taxes. They, instead, are designed to manage and utilize property for family members and other beneficiaries. If you believe, after reading the materials on our Web site and based upon any other information available to you, that your assets are such that death taxes could be a concern, these plans may not be suitable for you and you should first discuss the matter with a tax or estate planning professional.

Before reviewing the estate plans which are offered, it is highly recommended that you review the Frequently Asked Questions pages on the website in order to determine whether these plans are appropriate for you and how to utilize them.

In order to reduce cost to the client often associated with estate planning, The Will Shoppe, at fixed fees, offers various estate plans which, although allowing for some variation, incorporate commonly used features and provisions. In connection with any plan in which you may be interested, you may wish to review the Questionnaire for such plan in order to see what features and provisions are available and may be selected.

In connection with these plans, no disclosure of assets is required or made and no evaluation is made by The Will Shoppe concerning suitability, tax considerations, or otherwise. As discussed above, these plans may not be suitable for individuals or families where estate or other death taxes may be of concern or where there may be special planning needs. Should you desire any special or customized provisions you should consult with one of our attorneys. These provisions may, of course, result in higher fees.

Each plan (other than the Family Advantage Plans for married persons) includes the preparation by The Will Shoppe of Health Care and Property Powers of Attorney and Living Wills, if desired. The preparation of or assistance in preparing or completing appropriate deeds and other asset transfer documents is available at additional cost. Also, any recording fees or other direct out-of-pocket expenses will be charged separately.

The estate plans set forth below are separated into plans for Single Persons and Married Persons. How you specifically wish to leave your property will be covered in the Questionnaire for your plan. As discussed above, these plans are not designed to reduce or minimize any estate or other death taxes. If you have concerns about such taxes, these plans may not be appropriate for you.

Once you have selected your plan, please proceed to the "Get Started" tab.


Single Persons

The following estate plans for unmarried, divorced or widowed persons, with or without descendants, are offered through The Will Shoppe.

Click here to see the Single Persons Planning Offerings

Married Persons

The following estate plans for married couples, with or without descendants, which include provisions for each other, are offered through The Will Shoppe.

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