Complete and Submit a Questionnaire

Now that you have chosen your plan, you should select the Questionnaire below which matches the plan. The Questionnaire will provide us with information so that we will be able to prepare suitable documents for you.  Prior to completing the Questionnaire, we invite you to call (847) 705-5466 or otherwise contact us to discuss The Will Shoppe, or answer any questions which you may have regarding The Will Shoppe and the plans and services which we offer.

After completing the Questionnaire, you should submit your responses along with your payment for the plan. The payment will be held by The Will Shoppe in a special escrow account until the plan is completed.

We believe that you will find the estate planning process offered by The Will Shoppe to be informative and easy to use, and we always welcome any comments which you may have.

Once the Questionnaire responses and payment are received, The Will Shoppe will prepare and email to you drafts of estate planning documents based upon such responses. Prior to doing so, The Will Shoppe may contact you to seek clarification or confirmation concerning your wishes, especially where any responses are incomplete or uncertain.

Following your review and any corrections, and any further communications with you, The Will Shoppe will prepare all documents in final form for execution and mail them to you with execution instructions. Should you wish any further services, please contact The Will Shoppe and arrangements can be made.

Before you begin, we suggest that you preview the Questionnaire so that you have available all the  information requested.

Questionnaires for Singles

Questionnaires for Married Couples

Simple Will
Simple Will With Trusts for Descendants (or others)
Trust and "Pour Over" Will

Married Family Advantage Plan Simple Wills
Married Family Advantage Plan Simple Wills with Trusts for Descendants
Married Persons Simple Wills
Married Persons Simple Wills With Trusts For Descendants (or others)
Married Persons Joint Trust and Pour Over Wills
Married Persons Separate Trusts and Pour Over Wills



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